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Old Ormskirk In Colour

Old Ormskirk in Colour

Back in 2014 we were lucky enough to spot a set of glass negatives for sale in an auction up in Carlisle. They were a set of 48 showing various scenes of Ormskirk Town. I quickly realised they were something special, and quite possibly never before seen postcards. I can only assume they were photographed but never put into print.

I managed to contact the seller, and after explaining about what we do to preserve our towns history she very kindly allowed me to purchase the negatives privately.

Over the last few months one of our helpers, David Pye, has kindly brought these negatives to life using colour. We are hoping to eventually work our way through the full 48 negatives to share with the people of Ormskirk.

1. The Buck I’th Vine

Colourised Photo of the Buck I'th Vine, Ormskirk

2. The Pavillion

Recolourised Photo of The Pavillion, Ormskirk

3. The Ormskirk Rope Works

Recolourised photo of Ormskirk Rope Works

4. Aughton Street

Aughton Street in Ormskirk

5. Buffalo Bill Comes To Ormskirk c. 1902

Buffalo Bill come to Ormskirk c 1902

6. The Regal Cinema

Regal Cinema

7. Empire Day 24th May 1904

Empire Day 24th May 1904

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